Sliding Windows

sliding windowsA perfect combination of contemporary and convenience, Sliding windows expand your view of the outdoors with maximum glass exposure. If you’re seeking a sleek window that provides endless views, look no further than the Sliding Window from Clear Choice USA of Asheville NC.

The Sliding Window is typically used in openings that are wider than they are tall. There is a large glass area on the Sliding Window, and it is constructed of two or three panes of glass. The brass rollers provide silky-smooth operation. Sliding Windows contain a heavy-duty extruded screen with a superior weeping system to drain water.

As a bonus, choosing the Tilt-N-Slide feature will give you a Sliding Window that tilts into your home. This is a great option for simplified cleaning! The caliper brake system locks the sash into place when tilted inward for safety, while an anti-swing lock allows the sash to be locked in an open position.

If the Sliding Window sounds right for you, contact Clear Choice USA today for a FREE, no-obligation quote!