Bay & Bow Windows

Are there certain rooms in your home that could benefit from some extra natural light? Would you enjoy having a space to relax and read a good book? Bay & Bow windows from Clear Choice USA not only project light, but will also open up your room by adding some additional living space!

Bay windows are created by joining three panels together. The middle one is parallel to the same side of your home on which it is installed. The other two windows are angled to the point where they meet at the center panel. Bow windows, on the other hand, utilize three or more panels and typically take on a curved (or bowed) shape. The end panels are usually operable, as well.

At Clear Choice USA, we custom-make Bay & Bow windows to fit your personal preferences and your budget. We can use Double Hung or Casement windows on each end, along with a fixed picture window in the middle. We also offer Signature Series Dimension Projection Windows, which contain foam-filled structural mullions and an inner threaded rod to secure the head and seat boards.

Bay & Bow Window standard features:

  • 100% virgin uiPVC
  • Choice of Double Hung or Casement for end panels
  • Multi-chamber extrusion design
  • Warm Edge glass spacing
  • Most cities also include the following features:
  • 10, 15, 30, or 45 degree mullions
  • Birch head and seat boards
  • one-inch thick insulated glass units
  • We offer a variety of optional features that can be added, as well:
  • Low Emissivity glass (Low E)
  • Argon or Krypton insulating gas
  • Colonial or Diamond grids
  • Tempered safety glass

Many cities provide a few additional options:

  • Interior simulated wood finish
  • Exterior color finish
  • Oak head and seat boards

Fill out a Free Quote form today, and let Clear Choice USA prove to you that we are your BEST choice for Bay & Bow windows!