Best of Both Worlds: Old World Charm With 21st Century Windows

Older homes hold a certain charm that’s hard to come by in modern homes. The craftsmanship and attention to detail, for the most part, is nothing like we have today. Hand carved wooden trim, beautiful cabinetry built into the walls, and homes built by hand are more or less characteristics of the past. When you’re living in an older home with windows that are equally as old, how do you go about replacing windows without losing charm? The good news is, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice your home’s appearance to get the benefits of new replacement windows. Selecting the correct style on windows for older homes makes all the difference — and you don’t have to lose appeal to get the best of both worlds.

Unique Underground Homes: The Scoop on Sod Houses

They may look like something straight from the movie The Hobbit, but sod houses are unique earth homes with their own definition ofd04ab3d33b033b178a96ae7e113d553c curb appeal. Sod houses made their mark on multiple continents throughout the last few centuries, providing shelter to America’s early pioneers and Canadian prairie dwellers. At the time, trees were unavailable to construct sturdy shelter, so pioneers had to result to the turf of the land and literally build their homes using the ground.

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6 Shocking Sounds You’ll Sleep Right Through With Triple Pane Windows in Asheville NC

One of Triple Pane Window’s impressive benefits is its ability to block out unwanted outdoor noise. Triple Pane Windows and other building characteristics such as walls and doors are assigned an STC Rating (Sound Transmission Class). This rating determines how well windows block out noise. Single pane windows rate 21, Double Pane is 26 and Triple Pane is 31. What this means is that Triple pane windows in Asheville NC are so efficient at blocking noise, you’ll never hear a sound.

Triple Pane Windows in Asheville NC Block Sound From Tornados Tearing Through The Town

triple pane windows asheville nc
Hopefully you keep one eye to the sky during tornado season. Triple Pane Windows in Asheville NC are so effective at blocking out noise, tornados can whiz right by your house undetected.

So maybe this is a bit of an exaggerating, but Triple pane windows in Asheville NC honestly do a great job at blocking out everyday sounds like noisy neighbors and beeping cars. Don’t believe us? Call for a free in-home demonstration.

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4 Fresh Ways To Background Check Replacement Window Companies

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When you shop for a product, you also shop for a company. It’s important to find a window company that earns both your trust and your business.

How can you make sure that local replacement window companies are on the up-and-up?

We are bringing you some NEW tactics to investigate.

Check out their website. Do they have a blog? Do they ever update and maintain their website? Online presence is critical for any industry, windows included.

How are they interacting with customers on Facebook and Twitter? Are complaints addressed? Questions answered? This speaks a lot for how they handle customer inquiries offline.

Search for them on Youtube. You can find all kinds of content like video testimonials, helpful instruction videos and commercials.

Use your local news source’s website to dig up information on replacement window companies in your community. If nothing comes up, you know what they say — no news is good news.